Our Services

[icon_box title=”Jewellery Repair” icon=”basic-hammer” icon_position=”left” icon_color=”#1e73be”][/icon_box]

All of our customers’ repairs – with a few exceptions – are handled right here on our premises so you don’t have to worry about your jewellery being sent elsewhere. Our goldsmith specializes in the following repairs and more:

  • Sizing a ring
  • Soldering a piece of jewellery
  • Tightening stones and re-tipping claws on a ring
  • Re-setting diamonds and other gemstones
  • Shortening a chain, bracelet or necklace
  • Rhodium plating

Not sure if your jewellery can be repaired? Bring it in and let us take a look!

[icon_box title=”Watch Repair” icon=”basic-watch” icon_position=”left” icon_color=”#1e73be”][/icon_box]

Adjusting a watch size, changing a watch strap or switching a new battery has never been easier. Give our watchmaker as little as five minutes and your watch will be ready for you.

Bigger repairs that must be taken in may include the following:

  • Complete overhaul (taking apart the movement and checking & cleaning the components)
  • Replacing a scratched or cracked crystal
  • Re-setting a dislodged hand and hour markers
  • Ordering parts that are required to repair your watch
[icon_box title=”Custom Work” icon=”ecommerce-diamond” icon_position=”left” icon_color=”#1e73be”][/icon_box]

Taing Jewellers carries a wide selection of semi-mount rings for you to choose from. Add a stone of your choice and you’re done!

Feeling more creative? We can turn your dream ring (or any type of jewellery) into reality with our custom work process. Bring your own design or ideas in, and leave the rest to us.

[icon_box title=”Other Services” icon=”basic-gear” icon_position=”left” icon_color=”#1e73be”][/icon_box]

Apart from these exclusive items, we also provide the below set of services:

  • Free jewellery cleaning
  • Free inspection of claws and stones
  • Appraisals (must be sent to Toronto)
  • Pearl re-stringing
  • Engraving
  • Trade-in gold
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